Fast, accurate, cost-effective COVID-19 testing

State of the art immunofluorescence technology means 240+ tests per hour on a single machine. CE-marked IVD for use EU-wide and CTDA Approved in the UK.


Machine-read antigen test for incredible accuracy

Immunofluorescence assay to process 240+ samples per hour.

Fast Time to Result

Reaction takes 15mins – then reader gives result in under 10 seconds.


Viral antigen is considered a far better predictor of infectiousness than RNA using PCR.

We provide cutting edge point-of care diagnostic technologies.

Platforms that can run multiple immunofluorescence chromatography assays – including for active COVID-19 infection and IgG / IgM. Fully CE-marked for use EU-wide.

COVID-19 test is approved by the MHRA under the Coronavirus Test Device Approvals legislation (CTDA).

More practical than PCR

Faster and more cost-effective than PCR – and a better indicator of infectiousness.

Neutralising Antibody Test

Test now available for neutralising antibodies against the viral spike protein – the antibodies elicited by current vaccines.

Scale, Speed and Support

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-tech diagnostic reagents and instruments to give you cost-efficient, rapid, easy-to-operate diagnostics.

How do we measure accuracy?

Most manufacturers brag about sensitivity and specificity.

But that’s not the whole picture. Those are of little use if a test only identifies people with the highest levels of virus. 

Sensitivity by PCR Ct

A low Ct value on PCR indicates a lot of viral RNA is in the sample. It’s generally considered that people with a Ct value over 30 don’t present a significant infection risk1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and presence of viral RNA may well be from a past infection. You can see from the graph above how closely the MFX test correlates with positivity on PCR in those most likely to be infectious.

The Ct30 threshold is based on a combination of of antigen sensitivity and studies of virus culture by Ct, where the presence of culturable virus is assumed to correlate with infectivity7.

Figures above independently verified in clinical samples by the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Sensitivity Ct<30

Sensitivity is the ability of a test to correctly identify patients with a disease.


Specificity is the ability of a test to correctly identify patients without the disease.

0log10 IU/ml
Limit of Detection

How much virus needs to be in the sample for a reliably positive result.

A game-changing innovation in COVID-19 testing.

A game-changing innovation in COVID-19 testing.

Only diagnoses active infections: no false positives due to past infections – unlike PCR and LAMP

Meet the Team

A wealth of experience in supporting the medical industry backed up with scientific and logistical expertise.

Paul Matthews

Paul has more than twenty years’ experience in various commercial roles. His background includes senior positions in Forex, marketing, aviation, and business management.

Simon Lane

Simon has a wealth of board experience in an eclectic mix of industries from biotech to precious metals to FMCG. Simon leads the MFX client exerience team and relishes the complex challenges that COVID-19 testing presents.

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