The AFS-1000 can make short work of mass testing – running multiple tests simultaneously and with a time to result of 15 minutes. And it can test for live infection rather than giving a false positive due to a previous one.

  • Take sample swab and place in individual lysis buffer pot. This will stay stable for over 2 hours until you’re ready to run the test.

  • Squeeze three drops into the sample well in the test cassette using the built-in dropper.

  • Leave for 8 minutes for COVID-19 dual antibody test or 15 minutes for the nucleoprotein active infection test.

  • Put into analyser – result in under ten seconds.

With accuracy on a par with PCR and LAMP this is a game-changer. You can see it in action here:

The AFS-1000 can perform multiple different assays and has cassettes for COVID-19 antibody to gauge immunity / previous infection and for active infection using a nucleocapsid protein assay. Because it doesn’t need the gene amplification step used in LAMP and PCR it won’t pick up long-gone infections – this is a major flaw in these techniques – people who have recovered and are no longer infectious can continue to test positive for weeks after recovery.

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