Do you have neutralising antibodies against SARS-CoV-2?

Neutralising antibodies (NAb) defend cells from organisms that cause disease. With COVID-19, neutralising antibodies bind to the spike (S) protein – this is the protein on the viral surface that gives it its ‘crown-like’ appearance under a microscope and  enables the virus to attach to and infect cells in our bodies. Antibodies against the S protein bind to it, preventing it from binding to the ACE2 receptor on human cells to cause an infection and also alert the body’s other defences that you are under attack by the virus.

Most current antibody tests detect antibodies against the viral nucleoprotein (N) and can tell you if you have antibodies from a SARS-CoV-2 infection but will not detect antibodies elicited by current vaccines. If you have antibodies only to the S protein these are likely from the vaccine. If you have antibodies against the S and the N proteins you have been infected at some point in the past – but it’s impossible to say what proportion of the S antibodies are from infection and the vaccine.

In many workplaces regular testing for active infection and antibody status are key aspects of keeping teams safe from COVID-19.

How It Works

Simply take a pin prick blood sample and add to the buffer. Drip into the sample well, wait for 8 minutes for the reactions to take place then the AFS-1000 analyser reads the result in a few seconds.

The test cassette will work with whole blood, plasma or serum. Capillary blood is the easiest to obtain via a finger prick, however, venous blood is also suitable. The type of sample will not affect the sensitivity or accuracy of the test.

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