Multiple diagnostic tests can be run on the AFS-1000 including for cardiac issues, infectious disease, and sepsis. This versatility can be very useful in primary care, remote locations and triage.

Tests include:

Test Description Sample
BNP Type B natriuretic peptide Serological
CTNL / MYO / CKMB Triple detection of myocardium Serological
BETA-HCG Beta human chorionic gonadotropin Serological
CRP C-reactive protein Serological
CTNL Cardiac troponin Serological
D-DIMER D-Dimer Serological
HBA1C Haemoglobin A1C Serological
HS-CTNL High sensitivity cTnl Serological
IL6 Interleukin- 6 Serological
NT-PROBNP N terminal pro B type natriuretic peptide Serological
PCT Procalcitonin Serological
SAA Serum Amyloid A Serological